How We Roll

Thanks for popping by. We are Andy & Jane Bridges, and we love travel, food, music and other good things in life. We started this blog to put some of what we enjoy out on the interweb. Originating from the UK, we moved to the Bundaberg region of Queensland in 2010. As we live somewhere that lots of travellers aspire to visit, we thought we’d start recording our wanderings on our doorstep and further afield right now (September 2015).

Us at The Club Hotel, Bundaberg
Us at The Club Hotel, Bundaberg

We like to get good value but its fair to say that we don’t aim for budget travel. Anyway, as we both approach 50, our bones are getting a bit old for hostel beds. Having said that, we’ve always loved camping and continue to enjoy our nights in a tent. This also assists with another of our passions – live music. A few festivals may also find their way into these pages.

We’re not aiming to write travel guides for the places we visit, there’s already plenty of those type of resources out there. Neither will you find a packing guide. To be honest we think that if you need someone else to tell you how to pack a suitcase you probably shouldn’t be allowed out of the house, let alone the country 😉

Instead our blog is really a collection of stories of journeys we’ve taken and things we’ve done. Our opinions on places and experiences are included, but not as formal reviews. Start with The Where, The What and The When on the left hand menu to find your way around. Apologies in advance for the Dad humour that creeps in every now and again.

On Neilson's Beach, Bargara
On Neilson’s Beach, Bargara

We hope you find this website entertaining and maybe even a little bit useful. It’s not aimed at a particular type of traveller, just those who prefer accumulating experiences instead of stuff.

Having dinner at Grunske's seafood restaurant Bundaberg
Having dinner at Grunske’s seafood restaurant Bundaberg